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Kindness is Sweet

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Words are important and how we identify things, people, and places matters. It’s nothing new to be asked to call someone by a different name, or to ask people to not call you something. We’d like to share some information on how and why this is important.

Every person has a right to their individual identity. There is an inherent right to choose what we are called, how we are referred to by others, and how we want to be acknowledged by friends, family, and strangers alike.

Maybe you’ve seen, heard, or experienced people specify which pronouns they prefer, or have a friend or family member who asks to be called by a different name. These are always valid requests and should always be respected. 

Sometimes, it’s not clear as to which pronoun an individual prefers and perhaps you’re not sure how to ask. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources and help to find better ways of communicating and sharing preferences. 

Our friends at OUT Maine have several resources, downloadable PDFs and more to help young folks, friends, family, and educators, openly share and communicate. You can find those resources here and learn more about using terminology appropriately and respectfully.

EqualityMaine shares ways to communicate and use pronouns effectively in speech and writing. You can learn more about pronouns here and get further guidance on writing guidelines as well. 

We’re grateful for the resources and information these organizations provide, and the opportunity to continue learning and growing together as a community. We are encouraged to be aware, respectful and kind with one another because kindness is sweet.