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Making It Sweeter

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Meet the folks who are making it happen! Pride Month is a great way for all of us to share and celebrate our community, but the work doesn't stop there. All year long, dedicated volunteers and staff work tirelessly to create and implement programs to encourage youth, involve young adults, and foster connections across generations.


The improvements made nationally and locally are due in large part to the contributions of teams who are often behind the scenes pulling long hours, making numerous phone calls, and doing everything they can to make inclusion and respect of our neighbors an everyday occurrence. 


This year we highlighted OUT Maine and EqualityMaine as part of our celebration of Pride Month. Today, we’d like to shout out to the team members we had the privilege of speaking with about the incredible programs and organizational efforts in progress across the state. 


Rose Hatem is serving with EqualityMaine as the Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator this year through AmeriCorps VISTA. Originally from New York, she fell in love with Maine through an apprenticeship at an organic farm, and she was excited to spend this year learning about and supporting Maine’s LGBTQ+ community.


Elissa Miller is serving with EqualityMaine as the SAGE Program Assistant through AmeriCorps VISTA. Originally from North Carolina, she was excited to join the EQME team and support older LGBTQ+ adults through SAGE programming. In her spare time, she enjoys musical theater and good books.

Jeanne Dooley has extensive experience in organizational development and management through her work as the former state director of Massachusetts Office of AARP and former Director of Strategic Planning for Boston Senior Home Care. She has led OUT Maine’s transformation from a small midcoast nonprofit with a local focus to a statewide change agent.

Jeanne warmed my heart with her dedication to young people here in Maine, and her efforts to encourage them to honor and love themselves and follow their dreams. She truly has a passion for helping young folks find and use their voices with confidence and joy. Jeanne’s dedication to the youth striving and fighting for equality, is like a beacon in the storm - her drive to live in a world where all children are loved, cared for, supported, and encouraged, is not just admirable but truly inspiring.


Thank you to all who endeavor for a better & brighter future. Happy Pride 2021!