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Two Fat Cats Baker's Market - A Dream Come True

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Every now and then, in the lives of people and businesses, an event takes place – an unwelcome calamity or an unexpected blessing or even a puzzling twist of fate – that dismisses pre-conceived notions and unchains us from “the way it has always been.” 


Energy shifts, minds change, and the urge “to do something” creates a dynamic sense of flexibility and resiliency.  For a brief moment, things you thought were impossible or lived in the realm of “maybe someday” now seem suddenly possible, not someday but today  -  right now, as a matter of fact.  We are free, unfrozen to see new possibilities and embrace change – even radical change! -before the moment dissolves and we settle back into the comfort of the known.


A very wise, very good mediator said this to me when I worked for nonprofits long ago.  I have reflected on this advice many times over the years but never as frequently as I have since March 15th when stay at home orders went into effect and we all scrambled to make sense of what life could look like during the Covid-19 era. 


Like you, Covid-19 has completely turned our world upside down.  But that wasn’t the end of challenges for Two Fat Cats. In the true spirit of overachievers, we decided to add a location move to the public health crisis fallout.  What were we thinking?!  I guess that’s just how we roll.


This puzzling twist of fate turned out to be an unexpected blessing when, by all rights, it should have been an unwelcome calamity.  The whole experience “unfroze” us and we began to think in different ways and try initiatives we ,maybe, would not have entertained before.  It was exciting for us.  And now I hope it will be exciting for you!


One of those crazy, but not-so-crazy ideas was to create a Baker’s Market. I had always daydreamed about hosting a weekly farmers market at the bakery  - just a little spot where you could pick up your local eggs and coffee, a special quickbread, maybe even some greens. But our former location was far too small and cramped.  And so that idea fell into the “maybe someday” bucket – until now.


Now we have a corner in each bakery where we can proudly highlight our friends like Goronson Farms, Cooke’s Maple Syrup, CBD , Maine Coast Roast and more.  And there are greens, eggs, coffee, specialty fruit and our delicious goodies. 


Every week there is something fun and fresh to discover.  It’s a new direction for us which we hope is a service to the neighborhood, a great partnership for the farms, and a delicious discovery for you! (see the recipe in the next blog post for your own delicious discovery)


Who knows how long this unfrozen moment will last or what our bakery will look like when some kind of new normal arrives.  It doesn’t really matter.  I have my Baker’s Market now and my “maybe someday” bucket is just a bit lighter.