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Together We Make It Better

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Progress is in progress. There have been monumental strides made in support of the LGBTQ+ community in the past decades, but it has not been an easy road.  We are so proud of, and grateful to, the individuals who have made these critical changes possible.


It has not been simple, and we want to honor the dedication, endurance and sacrifice made by so many. Organizations across the state and country have worked diligently to encourage new legislation, reform education, and provide adequate medical resources for citizens who have been neglected and marginalized by a system that has ultimately failed them, in so many ways.


There is still much work to be done but thankfully organizations like OUT Maine and EqualityMaine, continue to provide support, challenge systemic-bias, and encourage individuals and allies to join together in creating a better world for all of us and all those to come.


OUT Maine is lifting up Maine's Queer Youth with an ambitious goal: to create more welcoming and affirming communities for queer youth in all of their intersectional identities. Each year, they reach many hundreds of LGBTQ+ youth directly to build self-esteem and skills. They also seek to change the very systems that serve them: schools, health care, foster care, community organizations, and more.


EqualityMaine is bridging gaps with members across age groups, in workplace inclusion, mentorship, and youth programs, while advocating legislative change in Maine and across the country. SAGE Maine and The Queer Network provide scheduled online meetings, check-in's and programs for LGBTQ+ members across the state. 


Find out how you can support the LGBTQ+ community by visiting OUTMaine.org and EqualityMaine.org for volunteer opportunities, advocacy support, program information and helpful resources.


Together we make it better. ❤️