About Us

Our Mission Statement

Two Fat Cats Bakery is committed to the honesty and legacy of scratch baking with an emphasis on American desserts and pies. We are focused on the experience of the customer and, in our food, value high-quality ingredients, time-honored baking traditions and techniques, and a humble creativity. Our goal is to modernize and bring back home-baked favorites to provide our customer with a memory of the past, but a taste sensation of the present. We do this through a love and pursuit of food history, particularly New England cooking, an openness to experimentation in all things, an adherence to high quality and, when possible, local ingredients, a respect for our customers’ advice and goodwill, and a loving determination to feed people and feed them well.

Our History

In June 2005, Dana Street, Alison Pray, Matt James, and Kristen DuShane opened Two Fat Cats Bakery on 47 India Street on the east side of the Old Port in Portland, Maine. The goal was to open a classic American-style bakery that honored the "days gone by" tradition of baking from scratch. Over the next six years, they developed a solid local customer base and a great reputation for beautiful desserts made with high-quality ingredients. In 2012, Stacy Begin and Matthew Holbrook, owners of Blackbird Baking Company of Maine, purchased the bakery and continue the same excellent customer service and elevated, home-y desserts.

In the Press

Two Fat Cats Bakery has been recognized in Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, the New York Times, Boston Globe, Travel + Leisure, Yahoo.com Travel, and Yankee. Two Fat Cats has also been featured on the Food Network, Cooking Channel, Jeopardy!, and MSN.com.