Baking That Matters

Firstly, if you've purchased one of our Mixed Berry pies, we'd like to thank you for your contribution to the Two Fat Cats Bakery charitable giving program, Baking That Matters.

Our program is simply funded by a percentage of all sales of our delicious mixed berry pies. We donate to these organizations on a quarterly basis to provide support, throughout the year, for the excellent programs they provide, and the initiatives they drive.

Learn more about the organizations your contribution is supporting below - Follow on social media or get involved! Reach out if you would like to learn more about our Baking That Matters Program.

We thank you again for contributing to baking that matters. 


A Message from Stacy:

Hello Friends,

Like many of you, my career has not been a straight path.  I have been a waitress, a political aide, a law intern, a playwright (very, very, very briefly), a baker, a business owner and a nonprofit executive.  In fact, this last iteration was near and dear to my heart for twenty years and it remains a big part of who I am and what I do.  So when I became a business owner, I wanted to not only run a sustainable, ethical business, but I wanted to do good by the community as well.  I was determined to make charitable giving a robust part of our business model.  We are very proud to have supported a wide variety of local nonprofits over the years and count them among Two Fat Cats’ community friends.

But then 2020 came along and, like so many of you, it caused us to think far more deeply about everything we do, including why and how we give to nonprofits.  Together we decided we wanted to strengthen our commitment to organizations that are the unsung heroes of our communities and provide them with consistent, meaningful support.

Through Baking That Matters, we have selected four organizations that we feel are these unsung heroes and are a unifying force within their communities.  While these organizations may seem very different from each other, there is a common thread that runs through all of them – they give lift and wings to voices that are often underrepresented and underappreciated in the mainstream.  We hope that by donating $2.00 of every mixed berry pie sold, we can help their voices soar above the noise and do good by the community.

Best wishes,


-Stacy Begin, Owner, Two Fat Cats Bakery


The Telling Room

The Telling Room, Portland, ME

The Telling Room is a literary arts education nonprofit whose mission is to empower youth through writing and share their voices with the world. They work with youth from all backgrounds and of all abilities and all core programs are 100% free to students and their families. The Telling Room believes that the power of creative expression can change our communities for the better and prepare youth to succeed now and in the future. 

Through their Portland-based organization they:

  • provide a wide variety of creative writing and publishing programs online and in partnership with schools and community organizations all over Maine
  • work with over 3,500 young writers ages 6 to 18 every year
  • publish kids in Telling Room books
  • create real audiences for student work

The Telling Room

Visit them online at and on social media! 



Make Shift Coffee House  - Portland, ME

A Make Shift Coffee House is a free online place where people with different views talk to each other with respect. Each session is expertly facilitated. If you have a minority or unpopular view, bring it. We especially want to hear why you believe what you believe. We want to understand different perspectives, whether we agree with them or not.

There are many efforts to improve dialogue across differences and improve civic collaboration. In the grand spectrum of all type activities that help us get along with each other, we know our place. We have our niche. We help people understand each other across differences.

Make Shift Coffee House models how to talk across differences and inspires people to try the tools, techniques, and attitudes that they experience at our events. 

Visit them at to learn more! 

 Immigrant Welcome Center  - Greater Portland, ME

The Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center (IWC) serves as a hub of collaboration that strengthens the immigrant community through language acquisition, economic integration and civic engagement. We do this through four core programs: the iEnglish Project: Digital Language Literacy program, the Immigrant Business Hub, a Citizenship and Civic Engagement Initiative, and the IWC Co-Working Space. Our vision is to see Greater Portland’s thriving immigrant community fully reach its civic, economic and social potential.

Visit them at to learn more! 


 Maine Inside Out  - Portland, ME

Maine Inside Out (MIO) has a twelve-year history of engaging hundreds of justice-involved young people in our programs at Long Creek Youth Development Center and in our Statewide arts-based community organizing programs. MIO is a trusted community of relationships, resources and opportunities for system-involved young people to build power and create community change through art for social change, advocacy and support and transformative justice.

Visit them at to learn more!